Mind Body Soul

 Behind the hands of Kaya Mey...

Dear Amazing Human! 

I'm so glad you're looking to find a space to unwind. May you receive all that your being needs to thrive in this world.

I thought I'd introduce myself a little bit:

I'm an artist at heart, and the human body is my favorite canvas from choreographing dance/theatre, Physical Theatre, Contact Improv, Acroyoga, somatic meditation and, of course, massage. There is much to be interwoven amongst those mediums, and my quality of touch is influenced by these practices. When I massage I often bring in deeper gravitational currents of the ocean.

My deep love of the Earth and endless desire to support humanity to transform, awaken and flourish with our planet, influences all my work. I am passionate about strengthening our connection with self and planet with each of our sessions. Our environment is priceless, and as such I strive to work as closely with nature as possible.

With both my parents being body workers and growing up in experimental healing communities, I have been massaging my entire life. Child-form Kaya had her hands on someone's shoulders and back at every party- and much hasn't changed! Somatic communication is both my most natural form of connecting and what I've most formally trained in. My hands, body, heart, mind  and soul is listening, I am present, and I welcome all communication for how I can better facilitate your healing. 

Photo Credit Ione Morch  Photographer

Photo Credit Ione Morch Photographer

It's an honor and privilege to meet you in this place of deep surrender. In this way you, your body, are healing yourself- I am am merely reflecting, with care, places of tension and holding- so that you may better relax into them.  I experience deep gratitude for the privilege of holding space, connecting, and healing in every session. 

Please bring an intention for our time together. 

I look forward to seeing you,

Kaya Mey

P.S.- A Word Poem!  

Behind These Hands

There is a love of:

Acroyoga. Earth.             Rivers. Theatre.

Consciousness. Presence. Dreams. WaterDancing.

Self. Play. Contact Improv. Growth.

Radical Freedom. 

Love. You.